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Joanne Grobbelaar - Coach

Flip The Thinking Model for Mental Resilience

Learn the tools to help ease you through chaotic thinking and develop a resilient mindset so you can create the life and business you want.

Course curriculum

Learn the secrets to building a powerful mindset and achieve the life you want

  • Flip the Thinking Model for Mental Resilience
    • Part 1: Create the life you want with the powerful Flip the Thinking Tool
    • Part 2: Identifying and understanding what we need to change
    • Part 3: How to overcome negative thought patterns
    • Part 4: Supporting and maintaining continuous change in your life
    • Download: Flip the Thinking Worksheet

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Joanne Grobbelaar

Joanne is a strategic business consultant, coach and facilitator. She brings over two decades of business experience combined with an innate acumen of effective leadership skills to help high-achieving business owners and senior executives build profitable businesses. This is delivered through her Four-step Success System; ‘Stop, Pause, Think, now Act’ – a programme aimed at giving business owners and senior executives the tools to grow emotional intelligence, drive profitability and maximise growth.

Joanne spent 20 years in the corporate sector, working as Head of Events for a Live Events Company before being promoted to General Manager. She was Account Director for one of the world’s largest airlines where she was responsible for landing the business a seven-figure global deal.

Joanne is fiercely passionate with seeing her clients’ business grow. As well as being a visionary, her success is founded on being able to draw on her natural skills of leadership, facilitation, strategic thinking, persistence, humour, discretion and unstoppable determination.

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